the story of Full Contact Marketing

Mike Parrella CEOSummer of 2007, Michael Parrella's martial arts school was headed downhill… fast. He needed to do something drastic to get students in, or he'd have to make a choice that no passionate school owner should ever have to make:

To close his doors, forever.

But he wasn't going down without a fight. Not after 20+ years of teaching. And so he cast aside all of the old, outdated marketing tactics that weren't delivering students… and looked into growing his school via the internet.

First he hired a website company up north that boasted great results and great service. It didn't take long to see that they couldn't deliver either. He wasn't getting any enrollments from the site - and the company took weeks to respond to phone calls and emails. Finally, Michael fired this company, and decided he'd have to figure out this whole "internet marketing" thing firsthand.

He began studying feverishly, soaking up every bit of knowledge out there.

And soon enough, things started to click. After a few months of obsessive learning, testing, and tweaking... he pioneered an internet marketing program for his school...

...and new students started flooding in.

He got more students that first month of internet marketing than he'd gotten in the entire previous year. Not only was his school's fate secured - it was flourishing.

Word spread around his close friends who were also school owners. He helped them implement the same tactics he used - and their schools exploded, too. Other school owners came out of the woodwork asking for the same kind of help.

All of them experienced incredible results, fast.

Parrella then assembled an amazing team of marketers, designers, and school-growing experts to take his ideas to the next level. One of them is company president, Colleen Tracey, whose 21+ years in advertising have been crucial to the growth of Full Contact Marketing... internet marketing company dedicated to one thing:

Helping martial arts schools skyrocket... no matter how good, bad, or anywhere in-between the economy is.

FC Online Marketing team And because of Parrella's (and so many other school owners') horrible experiences with other website companies, FCOM swore to do things differently. Like...

Respond to all customers immediately whenever they have a question or problem...

Stay up-to-date on what kind of marketing works, and what doesn't. That way all customers get a product that actually works.

Treat all customers with respect, courtesy, and consideration. In fact, there's an entire staff of people committed to these goals:

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