Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to make my site?

how long Our CEO Michael Parrella hired a martial arts web company to make his school's site a few years ago...
& he hated how long it took to get anything done.

That's why at FCOM, if you provide us all of the info we need to make your site, it takes just 14-21 days for you to get rockin' and rollin'. Need changes to your site? Simple ones like schedule and offer changes take just 12-24 hours.

Forget waiting weeks to fix a single typo. We've got you covered.

2. How long do I pay for my site?

how long Hopefully forever! Our philosophy is this:

If we provide you with a killer site that looks awesome... and makes you a lot of money... why would you want to stop?

Our basic term is a month-to- month service. The good news is our prices are so affordable - that your site pays for itself with the first couple of students you get.

3. What if I have multiple schools?

multiple schools Additional schools cost only $299 to set up, and just $99/month per school. Select the multiple schools option during our checkout process.

(Click here to access the "Get Started Now" page and check out).

4. Does this site replace my current site?

replace current site That depends. If you've owned a domain name for more than a few months (that's your site's URL, such as - then our advice is for this site to replace your current one.

Google & other search engines give more credit to older domains. So it only makes sense to put your new 'enrollment-monster' on your old domain.

Don't have a domain? Or have a brand new domain? Then it's up to you whether your new site replaces those, or goes up on a completely new domain.

5. What do I have to do to setup my website?

start up website Nothing! We've got all the technical stuff covered. Once your site is live, you just have to drive visitors to it (and you get our tested & proven blueprint for that, too).

6. How do I get the most use out of my new website?

most use All sites come with our Market Dominator 'Lite'. That's a 10-step blueprint showing you exactly what to do to get the most use out of your new website.

So no worries - we've got you covered there, too.

7. What happens when someone signs up for an intro program on my site?

sign ups You receive a registration form in your inbox with all their info. Then, just contact them by phone, email, or text and get them in the door!

8. What results can I expect?

site results This depends on a lot of factors. The biggest factor is you.

Think of your website like this: We're handing you a high-powered rifle that's state-of-the-art, and extremely accurate. It's up to you to pull the trigger.

If you follow our tested & proven systems for driving people to your new website, you can expect great results. If you just let it sit and collect dust, it's not going to do very much for you.

9. How do I receive my monthly billing?

monthly billing That depends on what third-party service you use to collect payments. The one we're most familiar with (& highly recommend) is Member Solution's Event Manager. 99% of our clients use this service and love it (and you get a FREE month with them when you buy a website through us).

With their service, you can choose to receive your billing monthly, bi-monthly, etc.

10. Can I use this site to communicate with my current students?

current students Our websites are built for one thing: converting prospects into students. These are not websites to list your upcoming events... post pictures of the last birthday party you held... or anything like that.

These sites are enrollment-driving-monsters designed to help your school explode. Plain and simple.

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