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New students pay for trial memberships - right on your site.

You won't ever have to deal with people who can't afford your services, or weren't planning on buying them in the first place. Our sites pre-qualify people by having them pay for trial memberships online. That way you already have their billing info should they sign up for a contract. That makes your job of closing contracts all the easier.

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We've tested & tweaked all possible offers & schedules to insure your site will work wonders.

The offer on a website has been called the single-most important part. Get it wrong and your phones stay silent. Get it right, and they ring off the hook. Lucky for you - we've gone through all of the offers that simply don't work. And we've found all of the ones that do. In short: your website is a client-closing machine.

High-res graphics that dramatically
boost sales.

Our team of professional graphic designers have one main talent: Creating stunning graphics that increase sales.

They employ state-of-the-art tactics that make your site irresistible to your customers' eyes... and guide them to a sale. Clear navigation makes your site easy to explore - and a professional layout makes you instantly stand out from the crowd. The result: a profit-boosting site you'll be proud to show off.

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Writing that effectively sells your programs, 24/7.

Ever have those days where you're just on fire with closing people? Where it seems like you deliver the perfect pitch to every person who walks through your doors? Our websites do that, every day of the week. It doesn't matter if it's a Saturday at 2am or a Monday at 3pm - if someone interested in martial arts comes to your site, it'll get the job done.

Customer service with real human beings, who really care.

One of the biggest things our clients speak out about is our customer service. They love the fact that any day of the week they can pick up the phone, call us, and a real human being picks up and talks to them on the spot. In our world of email, out-sourcing to foreign countries, and robot-driven answering machines, sometimes it's nice to just talk to a person and get your questions answered immediately.

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Built-in Social Media Integration.

Have a Facebook fan page? Twitter account? Google+? We'll integrate it right into your site. Your site will also show how many "likes" you have - adding another layer of social proof that shows why your school rocks. People can also share your site with their friends & family through Facebook on your site, too. It's all just a click away. Plus, your Google+ likes actually contribute to better rankings on Google. Total Social Media domination.

Advanced SEO Tactics to Help You
Dominate Google, Yahoo & More.

We're continually researching and testing various tactics
for crushing the search engines. As a result, your site comes
loaded with "ninja" methods that make it stand out on
Google, Yahoo, Bing & more. After all, more visitors =
more sales.
And you can see how well your site is doing firsthand with monthly Google Analytics reports. These show you everything from how many visitors you have, to how long they stay on your site.

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Built-in Email Marketing

Often, people will enter their info on your site without
purchasing a trial membership. In the past, those prospects
were gone with the wind. With our basic email marketing
package - you get 2 emails/program that are automatically
sent to these prospects. In turn, many of these "lost prospects"
become your loyal students.
(Plus: you can upgrade to our
advanced email marketing program for even greater

Pedro Xavier Tae kwon do academy owner

“My classes are growing faster than we can keep up with. Thanks for all you do.”

Pedro Xavier - Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy, Boston

Paul Holley Martial Arts instructor

“I'm getting an average of 5-7 paid online enrollments every week.”

Paul Holley - Holley's International Martial Arts, Jackson Heights

Alan Belcher MMA school owner

“I've gotten 50% more leads within a couple weeks of launching my new site. Thanks!”

Alan Belcher - Pro MMA Fighter & Martial Arts School Owner, D'iberville

Chuck Kara Giangreco academy owner

“We were already a successful school. Now we're EXTREMELY successful!”

Chuck & Kara Giangreco - Westchester Martial Arts Academy, Westchester

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