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Our amazing all-inclusive website package to bring you more students, each and every month. Comes loaded with all of the features & bonuses on the previous page.

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The Martial Arts Journey Automation

Get top notch emails every month that convert prospects into students. Includes a perfect blend of powerful content designed to position you as an expert... and sales writing that brings home the enrollments. Plus we handle the technical setup, so all you have to do is enjoy the steady stream of students. Completely Done-for-You. Highly profitable.

If you have any of the following programs, you can start profiting from the Journey Automation ASAP:

  • Kids martial arts (All Styles)
  • Adult martial arts (All Styles)
  • BJJ, MMA, & Muay Thai
  • Krav Maga & Self Defense


Up to 5 of the above Programs!
8 E-mail Jumpstart Package Per Program $500 Value PER Program!
5 E-mails / Month Per Program $200 Value PER Program!
Installation & Set-up online payment$129 FREE with website purchase!
Totally Done-for-You. We handle the technical stuff. We handle the writing.

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Did we say you were just getting a website? The truth is your website comes packed with more powerful features than you can shake a stick at. In short: it's an enrollment-driving, online marketing machine. These truly are the most advanced websites in the martial arts industry.

Get an Amazing Website, Plus:
amazing website
  • Done-for-You Lead Capture
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Professional, Custom Layout
  • High Res., Stunning Graphics
  • Proven Sales Copy (Writing)
  • Web Hosting
  • 10 Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Live Support
  • Online Payment Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Optional Logo Enhancement

And... for a limited time get these bonuses:

Bonus #1: Basic Email Marketing

Often people enter their email addresses on your site, but don't purchase a trial program. Email marketing reaches out to these prospects later - getting them to buy. With this basic package, you'll get 1 such email for each of your programs. (More advanced package available at checkout).

Bonus #2: SEO Dominator 


To give your website a headstart on Google, Yahoo, Bing & other search engines - your site comes loaded with our Basic SEO Plan. Get backlinks, articles, social bookmarks, and other websites pointing to your site, helping it rank on the major search engines. (Completely Done-for-You).

Bonus #3: 30-Minute Marketing Consultation

In this consultation, we'll go over your current internet marketing plan - and help you tweak it for maximum results. Get exclusive tips, action steps, and advice that you can start implementing ASAP. No internet marketing experience required.

Bonus #4: Marketing Materials to Match Your Site

Get offline marketing pieces to help boost your site's response. These pieces can be mailed, handed out, and posted in your facility and local venues to drive traffic to your site. After all, the best website in the world is useless without quality traffic.

Bonus #5: 1 FREE Month of Member Solution's Event Manager:
The Preferred Online Checkout System of Martial Arts Schools

We've secured a FREE month of this great checkout system for all of our clients. More schools nationwide use this platform than any other. Of course, you can stick with your current checkout system if you already have one - but we can�t recommend this service enough. After your FREE month it's just $4.99/week: the cost of a cup of Starbucks.

Your high-powered martial arts website is just a click away. And at these prices, our websites pay for themselves with the first few students you get. Click now to get started.

$599 Setup Fee,* then $199/month.

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*Many of our clients cover their website fees in online enrollments
alone. Converting them to contracts is just icing on the cake.

Larry Batista Karate School owner

“You've helped me earn a terrific living for both myself and my staff! Thank you.”

Larry Batista - Traditional Karate America, Bethpage

James Lee Martial Arts school owner

“I never pay out of pocket for my site.
The paid online intros cover it for me
each month.”

James Lee - Evolution Martial Arts, Astoria

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